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"make it simple, but significant"


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I love supporting women, inspiring advocates, and encouraging dreamers.

About ME

I founded Ryse Avenue to specialize in ethical storytelling for organizations tackling complex social issues around the globe. I believe design can and should inspire critical thought and positive action. As a community-centered design agency, Ryse is committed to diversity and inclusion, with the goal of creating a more equitable, just world. Diversity—across age, gender, race, religion, citizenship status, ability, sexual orientation, education, class and culture—builds perspective and empathy, which are critical to responsible design. 

Together we have the opportunity to create brave spaces where all voices can be heard, biases challenged and solutions arrived at together. This work is unending. I remain steadfast in my dedication to use our collective power and platforms to dismantle inequity, promote diversity and inclusion, and together, design a better world.

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lauren muth

I’m Lauren, founder and designer at Ryse Avenue. Through working with nonprofit organizations throughout my career, I have found that at the core, the most essential piece of a successful business is speaking to your viewers with authenticity. This is why I take a collaborative approach to my work, so together we can shape your audience's journey to tell your brand story in a simplistic and beautiful way.

Why ryse?

I strive to live out my values in all that I do, encouraging honesty, collaboration, generosity, gratitude, courage, and a commitment to rising in mission.


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I’ve seen it over and over. The all-hands-on-deck, too-many-hats operations that let branding and communications slide. I work to take the burden off of managers with too many hats, so that you can focus on what you want to focus on.

With my in-depth knowledge of your brand mission, I responsibly create cutting-edge content that not only communicates your brand message, but impacts through design.

With an immersed background in hands-on research and communications expertise, I work to become an expert on your brand, mission, and operations - as much as an in-house team would.

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social impact clients

My clients change the world, and I'm so grateful to be a part of their mission. Some of my recent and current clients represent the following industries:

Arts & Culture
Associations & Foundations
Family & Community
Health & Wellness
Social Justice

recent clients

Since the launch of Ryse in early 2019, I’ve helped dozens of social impact businesses and organizations improve their branding, campaigns, and capital fundraising efforts.